taj mahal tour by gatimaan express train

Taj Mahal Tour By Gatimaan Express

About Taj Mahal – Taj Mahal Tour By Gatimaan Express

Taj Mahal is considered a symbol of eternal love; the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Agra city is around 200 km from the capital of India. The reason for being the most popular destination in the world is the monument, the Taj Mahal is listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s the luxury train journey from Delhi to Agra by Taj Mahal Tour by Gatimaan Express. Visit additional landmarks such as Agra Fort, Itmad-Ud-Daulah, and Mehtab Bagh, where you may see the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset while touring the Yamuna River.

Taj Mahal stands with pride as one of the most visited tourist spots in India, if you are a visitor who wants to explore and experience the wonder of the taj mahal and its amazing history Taj Mahal tour by superfast train the tour they can choose. 

Get a unique travel experience book this Taj Mahal tour by express train and helps visitors to experience the mesmerizing monument and arts and crafts of this amazing city.

Why choose the Taj Mahal Tour By Gatimaan Express?

This perfect one-day Taj Mahal Tour Package is specially designed for foreigners, who want to explore the Taj Mahal, Agra in one day. The Best Taj Mahal tour by Gatimaan Express is the fastest train from Delhi to Agra and also has coach classes which are Executive coach (Business Class) and Chair Car (Economy Class) with meals served on the train.

The train starts its journey from New Delhi Railway Station at 8:10 am and arrives at Agra at 9:50 am and heads back to Delhi from Agra Cantt at 5:10 pm, reaching Hazrat Nizamuddin station at 7:30 PM with adorable memories. India’s first train to have hostesses taking care of the onboard passengers and housekeeping services throughout the trip. 

The superfast train from Delhi only takes 100 mins to reach Agra. The Gatimaan Express Train remains closed on Friday because of Taj Mahal also closes on Friday.

Things that train provides you !!

  • Face mask for precaution against Covid-19
  • Proper social distancing throughout the journey
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitized seats for passenger
  • Delicious meal 
  • Desirable experience of the Indian Railway 

 A delightful day at Taj Mahal Tour by Gatimaan Express 

The Taj Mahal stands as a symbol of love across time, as represented by various poets such as Rabindranath Tagore and Rudyard Kipling. Enjoy a delightful day in the borders of the love shine with the Luxury Taj Mahal tour by Gatiman Express.


After exploring the beauty of the Taj Mahal, the next monument on the list is the Agra Fort, which houses many important structures such as the Diwan-e-Aam for public hearings, Diwan-e-Khaas for private royal meetings, Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque- India’s first mosque built in white marble), Jahangir Hauz, Navratndarbar, Queens’ summer and winter palaces, Angoori Bagh, Sheesh Mahal, Shah Jahan Palace, Mussa.

The visit to the Agra fort falls in the middle of our Taj Mahal Tour by superfast train as it would have been 1:30 p.m. by the afternoon and the visitor would most likely stop for lunch.

Itmad-Ud-Daulah Memorable Baby TAJ MAHAL 

The second last memory of the Taj Mahal tour by train will take us to a monument that served as an influence on the Taj Mahal’s building and came a few years before the construction of the majestic Taj Mahal.

In India’s epic history, many have given it the nickname “Baby Taj.” Itmad-Ud-Daula, which means “pillar of the state,” is the tomb of Mirza Ghiyas Beg and his wife, the Mughal ruler’s Prime Minister and father of Noor Jahan, the Mughal emperor Jahangir’s queen.

The Taj Mahal monument has taken numerous ideas from this structure, including its proximity to the Yamuna River, symmetry in gardens, fountains, paths, arches, tombs, and entrances.

Mehtab Bagh- Sightseeing monument 

The beautiful Mehtab Bagh or the Moonlight Gardens of Agra offer one of the most stunning sceneries of the Taj Mahal. This is a beautiful historic pleasure garden which is situated by the Yamuna River is a terrific opportunity to see the Taj Mahal with the throng.

You will be walking in the footsteps of royalty, which has been erected by Emperor Babur, the first Emperor of the Mughal Dynasty. Taj Mahal tour by train helps cover this astonishing monument/garden and the visitor can relax and relive the day they have spent in the amazing city.

Why choose Pioneer Holidays?

Travelers want to explore the art, culture, cuisine, and historical importance of the city of the Taj Mahal and it is possible through Pioneer Holidays. Visitors can customize and amend their travel and can get a chance to relive the life of the royal as they would walk in their steps and would visit the main Monuments of Agra city.

With the Pioneer Holidays, the traveler can not only cover the listed monument but they can add their itinerary to the trip. The Taj Mahal tour by superfast train helps visitors to have a trip of a lifetime and it is hosted and shared only by the best team in Agra by Pioneer Holidays.

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