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Top 10 Tips To Know Before The Taj Mahal Tours

28 Jun, 2024

Among the Seven Wonders of the earth, the Taj Mahal is possibly the most renowned structure in India. Made in the 17th century by the Mughal Ruler Shah Jahan for his adored consort Mumtaz Mahal, the Taj took around 22 years and 20,000 workers to develop.

The building is the ideal representation of two emotions: love and pain. It is evidence of true love and also a figure of the enduring love given by a partner.

Here are ten tips you must know before the Taj Mahal Tours with your loved ones.

1. Smog And Fog

The perfect time to visit North India is between October to March when the nights are cool and the days are pleasant. December to January can be foggy, so dawn and morning viewings of the site may be difficult.

Furthermore, the smog that covers Agra, Delhi, and nearby cities in November (because of stubble burning) may also affect watching at any period of the day. It is tough to forecast, but be conscious of these seasonal obstacles.

2. Beware of The Local “Guides”

There are local touts who will request foreign people to avail of their guiding duties. Be careful, as they are not authorized by the government, have inadequate English knowledge, and provide inaccurate information.

Many will not quote the guiding charges in advance, leading to bargaining and regret after the trip. Rather, book a guide in advance through a reliable group like Taj Mahal Tour Packages.

3. View From Mehtab Bagh

Do you know that the perfect spot to witness the Taj is not actually in the complex? As per Shah Jahan, the Taj was best seen over the Yamuna River in the flood meadows.

Mehtab Bagh, or the “Moonlight Flower Garden”, was built for the ruler to observe his formation at night with the river and an octagonal pool reflecting the beauty of the Taj. For the most pleasant light, tour at sunset.

4. When To Visit

Timing is all when it comes to visiting the Taj Mahal, and sunrise is normally the most excellent time to hit, with fewer jams and delicate light for images.

Sunset is another great choice for the same reasons, although it is still more bustling than morning. Avoid morning tours between December and January because of dense fog.

Remember, the Taj is not open on Friday! The building is well-known among locals and foreigners, so try not to overwhelm the hordes, particularly on weekends.

5. Reserve The Express Train From Delhi

Rather than driving from Delhi, you should prefer the Taj mahal tour by train. The Gatimaan Express leaves Delhi at 8:10 am and reaches Agra at 9:50 am, cutting a 4-hour drive to just 100 min by rail. The return tour leaves Agra at 17:50 and enters Delhi at 19:30.

You can also book your Taj Mahal tour by superfast trains like Taj Express, Rajdhani, Palace on Wheels, and Shatabdi.

6. What To Wear

There is no required dress system by rules, but laws of virtue do apply. It’s suggested that females who tour the site cover their knees.

If you’re worried about the temperature, loose-fitting dresses, maxi skirts, or floaty linen trousers are an excellent choice. Males may find a suitable dress as per the temperature, but t-shirts or shirts with sleeves (instead of tank tops) and long shorts or trousers are good options.

At the entry, all tourists get a pair of shoe covers. You’ll need to use them to protect the ivory marble if you think about going up to the Taj.

7. Leave It Behind

There is a security inspection before entering the building with separate tracks for males and females. Big bags and day packs are not allowed. Lines can become long through the safety inspection, so the shorter the bag, the better.

Forbidden items include lighters, weapons or knives, tobacco products, idols (including stuffed animals), food/snacks, camera tripods, and electrical items (including phone chargers, batteries, and headphones).

Smoking, eating, or group activities (including meditation or yoga) are not permitted in the Taj.

8. Entrance Fee Inclusions

The entry fee is currently ?1050 for a foreigner and free for kids under 15 years. The main mausoleum is an extra ?200. The foreigner entrance charge involves a visitor map, a water bottle, shoe covers, a golf cart, and battery bus services.

You may also buy the tickets straight from the ASI Website. It is pretty time-saving and reliable than purchasing the Taj Mahal Tickets at the monument. (Note: you’ll still be required to bring your passport to the point of entrance).

Remember, the entrance ticket is only valid for 3 hours. If the period is exceeded, you must repay the fees of nearly Rs. 600.

9. Choose The Gate

To help fight pollution, vehicles are not permitted within 500m of the site. One can arrive at the building from the Taj Mahal East Gate and West Gate entrances only. The South entrance is only for the exit.

We recommend the Taj Mahal East entrance as the Taj Mahal West Gate is quite overcrowded. Once you park near the East entrance, get on a golf cart, or battery bus to reach the entrance.

10. Moonlight Viewing

The place is available for viewing at night every full moon and 2 days after and before the full moon. You can only book the adventure one day before the full moon day, and the weather performs a vital role in the visibility of the masterpiece.

Tourists are not permitted on the grounds and can only see the structure from 500m. A total of 400 visitors are permitted in the complex at one time. These 400 are additionally divided into eight groups with 50 guests each.

The night tour duration is only 30 min from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am. Remember, moonlight watching is not open on Friday or throughout the month of Ramadan.