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Top Tips For Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour in 2024

28 Jun, 2024

Taj Mahal tours in Agra are probably on your itinerary if youíre touring the country for the first time or on your Taj Mahal Sunrise Tour from Delhi. And it should be! Located on the Yamuna River, this stunning architectural marvel is among the Seven New Wonders of the earth for a reason.

While the monument is a crowded draw, many tourists are Indians touring within their own nation. You will have the chance to socialize with pleasant Indian families, which may be a highlight of your exploration.

7 to 8 million travelers witness this prominent landmark every year, attracted by the beauty of the rare white marble masterwork.

Here are some tips you should know about Taj Mahal sunrise tour 

We hope this assists you in making your experience the best Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi, as remarkable as possible.

1. Reach early to the ticket booth

Our suggestion is to take a trip to the Taj Mahal first thing in the morning, and there will be less public, excellent lighting, and you will avoid the noontime heat (that usually begins around 9 am).

Arrive at the ticket window as early as possible. Even though the ticket window is 1km from the monumentís entrance, itís not a bad stroll. But there are several rickshaw drivers which you can employ if you donít like to reach it on foot.

The Taj Mahal safety gates open precisely 30 minutes before the actual sunrise. So if the sunrise is considered to be at 7 am, the entrances will open precisely at 6:30 am, and the queue in front of the entrances of the prospective overnight Agra Tour visitors is always long.

So, wake up early and reach the monument gate a minimum of one hour before sunrise. Hence, you will not only beat the crowd but will be among the first travelers at the monument.

2. Smog and Fog

The most excellent time to explore North India is between October to March, when the days are friendly and the evenings are cool. December and January can be foggy, so morning and sunrise watchings of the monument may be intercepted.

Further, the smog that covers Delhi, Agra, and nearby regions in November (because of stubble burning) may also obstruct watchings at any period of the day. It is tough to forecast, but be conscious of these seasonal interferences.

Normally speaking, most foreigners explore the Taj from December to March, but the famous mausoleum stays busy throughout the year.

3. Beware of the Local ďGuidesĒ

There are regional touts who will approach foreign nationals to avail of their guiding assistance. Be careful, as the government does not permit them, has little English comprehension, and provides false information.

Many will not mention the service fees upfront, resulting in disappointment and haggling after the trip. Rather, hire a guide in advance via a worthy company.

4. Bring Little stuff with you for the Sunrise Taj Mahal tour

The guard will thoroughly check you at the monument gates. So the most useful tips for the Taj Mahal sunrise tour is to bring only essential things like Ė Mobile phone, Camera, Wallet.

Follow the guidance of your Agra trip guide during the Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour about the forbidden things. Rest keep everything else in your car/hotel room before heading to the mausoleum.

5. Go directly to Taj Mahal Royal Gate

After having a strict security check, move to the Taj Mahal royal gate. Try to be quick, beating the other visitor as you will get to encounter the incredible view of the Taj Mahal sunrise tour from Delhi. For a more comfortable trip, book your tour packages from our tours from Delhi.

6. Later head to the side of Royal Guest House

After the fascinating sight and some unforgettable photos of the monument at the royal gate, move towards the building on the right side of the monument, famously known as the royal guest house.

Your guide will try to make you hear the account of the monument. Tell him to wait for a while and head directly to the royal guest house.

Here you will get to witness the initial sunrays of the day bussing the monument marble and the flash of the charming stones in the facadeís inlay from the best possible angle.

Find a spot to sit at the royal guest house and peacefully see the color shift of the white marble at dawn. You may notify your guide to address the story and hear his exciting story while appreciating the monument of the Taj mahal. Sit at the stone bench while encountering the sight and listening to the guide.

7. Be ready to separate from your partner

There is a line for males and females at the east gate entrance, and the female line takes longer than it usually is with bathroom lines.

If youíre touring with the fulfill, be sure youíre prepared to disconnect and make a gathering spot on the other side of the security check because it gets crowded fast.

If youíre touring the monument with children, this entrance gets really overcrowded, so make sure to have your kids close, so they donít get lost in this jam.

8. After the Taj, stop here

If you require a pick-me-up after visiting the Sunrise Taj Mahal Tour by car, you wonít need to go far. Right outside the east gate is Cafe Coffee Day (an Indian brand) which has a clean-ish bathroom, is air-conditioned, and offers excellent coffee. Itís a perfect spot to escape the heat and retrieve your energy.